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Cable Pressurisation


Very few people can give a positive answer to this question.

Our basic telecommunications network is in fact built upon a very large grid of underground cables. The only way to protect these is to pressurise these different components, and buried cables in particular, which also plays a role in the preventive maintenance of the network. This pressurisation technology (500mB above atmospheric pressure) protects the cable in 90% of situations (flooding, geological stresses, civil engineering).

This technology has been given new life thanks to the expanding use of ADSL (water and electricity never mix well, and it is important to keep the cables dry in order to ensure high data flows).


A few numbers

1,500 secure switching points across France

These points serve
60,000 cables

150,000 pressure sensors monitor these cable


A secure switching point generates dry air at a relative pressure of 500mB by means of a compressor. The dry air thus generated is then injected into the telecommunication cables. A single switching point can feed up to 60 cables.

A pressure sensor is fitted to the end of each of the cables, all of these sensors are installed and queried on a regular basis, and any anomaly is reported via the FRANCE TELECOM  intranet to the Telg@t national supervision software system.

This active monitoring enables the operator to perform preventive maintenance on the network.

This pressurisation technique has the advantage of enabling :

     » The provision of real protection in the event of minor damage to the cable
     » Limiting the number of multi-pair cable sections to be replaced        
     » Fault signalling and location
     » Ensuring the seal of the cables


As part of our cable pressurisation services, ADECEF technology is used throughout the pressurisation process, right to the point of delivery of a water-tight, supervised network.


     » The switching points and mobile pressurisation groups, their installation and their maintenance
     » Pressure sensors fitted to the ends of the cable in order to provide permanent monitoring of the pressure within
     » Telesurveillance/remote monitoring systems. These data acquisition racks are installed into the pressurisation cabinets and transmit their data to a supervision software package called "Telg@t"
     » Pneumatic accessories for telephone cables such as check valves or pressurisable containers for pressure transduction
     » Searches for leaks on non-watertight networks
     » Maintenance for pressurised networks : Leak location and repair to cables, updates to supervision system


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