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DFO Cane

This H2 leak detection cane, called the EOLASS, was designed to detect and locate leaks through the ground for buried cables or underneath paving slabs for cables in cabling troughs.

Equipped with a two-speed pump, its lightness and ergonomics enable it to effectively detect the tracer gas through all types of ground.

Fitted with a microscopic filter, the detection sensor is protected against aspiration of foreign bodies.



Power supply NIMH 8.4V 2450mA rechargeable battery
Standalone operation Minimum 8h
Charge time Full charge : approx. 3h30 - 4h
Can be charged with the charger from a H2 optimum leak detector unit
Usage conditions Temperature : +5°C to +35°c
Moisture : 90% maximum
Storage conditions Temperature : -20°C to +60°C
Technical characteristics
»Tubular aluminium structure which ensures lightness and ease of handling,
» Ergonomic hand-grip onto which the two-speed pump speed selector is mounted,
»Two-speed membrane suction pump,
» 88 mm suction cup,
» Pneumatic circuit protected from foreign bodies by a microscopic filter,
» Motor protection switch at inlet and outlet,
» Four-channel connection on housing,
» Different control lights :
- Three-level battery level indicator LED
- Start/stop LED
- LED switch enabling any fault in the aspiration level (saturation, filling or ejection) to be displayed
- Battery charge LED : the LED goes out to indicate that the battery is full
Includes 1 extension connector cord for the H2 optimum leak detector unit,
1 charger provided upon request


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