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dry air pressure systems


The ITP/PCPG 99-1 pressure transducer integrates all of the experience gained by ADECEF Technology over almost twenty years of working with sensor-transmitters - experience gained in the industrial field as well as with telecommunications networks.

In order to meet the need to remotely monitor a wide range of parameters, an entire range of transducers capable of measuring a variety of physical sizes, and converting these into frequencies or digital signals.

The use of a low-power micro-processor enables :

     » Automatic calibration and temperature compensation all while providing outstanding metrological performance
     » Digital encoding addressing by power supply wire by means of a portable casing (BCTA99)
     » Dual function mode: addressable or addressed
This information transmission mode ensures accurate reading up to 50 km away over a 6/10 pair, which enables up to 254 sensors to be connected.
The design of the electronic circuits guarantees excellent resistance to interference and surges encountered along the length of the telecommunications cables.

All of the components are housed in a water-tight compartment whose dewpoint is maintained at approx. –35°C.
Only the sensor itself is in contact with the surrounding environment.
The protection provided to the power supply circuit as well as to the metallic housing are perfectly suited to demands of EMC.



Pressure 0/2000 mB (1mB = 1Hz)
Other ranges available
Supply power 18 - 75 VDC
Accuracy (all errors) max 0.5%
Power consumption When transmitting : 8 mA – when idle : 100 µA max
Modulation current 800 - 1800 Hz – 4 mA
Encoding From 1 to 255
Digital programming by means of a BCTA coding box
Response rate 2 s
Sensor watertightness No zero drift after 7 days/3b/75°C
Housing Dimensions : diameter 36 L = 100
Materials : Brass and polypropylene
Weight : 300 g
Conformance CE standards & ORANGE FRANCCE approved


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