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dry air pressure systems

PTH 720 D measurement box

vital inspection tool for the maintenance of pressurisation cabinets, the PTHD720 provides the same functions as the PTH720, but also adds flow measurement.

Its 5 possible measurement types enable this portable unit to calculate the dewpoints of non-corrosive fluids by performing pressure, temperature, moisture and flow rate measurements.

Display: pressure, relative moisture, temperature, dewpoint, flow rate.

Pressure information is provided by a piezoresistive sensor with variations which are directly proportional to the pressure applied.

This is temperature-compensated. Temperature information is provided by a PT100 sensor,
Moisture information is provided by a capacitive moisture cell,
Flow rate information is provided by a mass sensor which takes measurements under normal temperature and pressure conditions (1013 mb abs and 20 °C).


Housing Length : 95 mm
Height : 160 mm
Thickness : 54 mm
Weight : 700 g
Temperature (in °C) Between -10°C and 40°C
Pressure (in millibars (mbar)) 0-2 bar at +/- 2 mbar resolution
2-7 bar at +/- 10 mbar resolution
Flowmetry (in litres/hour (l/h)) Automatic pressure range switching
0-1000L/H error : < 5% PE  PTHD 720-1000 command code
0-3000L/H error : < 5% PE PTHD 720-3000 command code
0-5000L/H error : < 5% PE PTHD 720-5000 command code
Integrated power supply 4 batteries, 1.2 V – 1600 mA/h
Charger 220 V – 50 Hz
Charge time About 12 h
Standalone operation About 3 h
Supplied in a case including The PTHD 720 unit
1 adaptor
3 connection hoses
1 user manual
3 stoppers
Dewpoint Between – 40°C and +20°C
Display based on measurement conditions and °Celsius standardised conditions



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